Mr. Alan Mil­ler ,,

Dear Mr. Miller,
In Colum­bus Dispatch, Sun­day, August 23 you pla­ced kind of edi­to­rial sta­te­ment titled:
“We pled­ge to incre­ase new­sro­om diver­si­ty”. As an emi­grant to this coun­try in 1968 I spend 20 years living and stu­dy­ing under com­mu­ni­stic govern­ment in Poland.

I did not come to US becau­se I was hun­gry, but I came to try myself in the free busi­ness envi­ron­ment, whe­re I will be jud­ged not becau­se of my com­mu­nist par­ty affi­lia­tion to which I did not belong, but by my own merits. Yes occa­sio­nal­ly I had to laugh off ridi­cu­lo­us jokes abo­ut “How many stu­pid Polac­kes take to screw in a light bulb”, but it did not ham­per my care­er as a scien­tist and engineer.

Now your edi­to­rial artic­le reminds me of situ­ations I expe­rien­ced during meeting of The Asso­cia­tion of Polish Stu­dents during my stu­dy at the Poly­tech­nic Insti­tu­te in com­mu­ni­stic Poland. We were asked by the com­mu­nist par­ty secre­ta­ry to cri­ti­ci­ze our own parents for liste­ning to the Voice of Ame­ri­ca on the radio or tel­ling jokes ridi­cu­ling our march to socialism.

We also had a so-cal­led free press which fol­lo­wed com­mands coming from Moscow. Quali­ty of infor­ma­tion was on par to tho­se papers belon­ging to US Today Network or Gan­nett Com­pa­ny. For­tu­na­te­ly, an impact of this pro­pa­gan­da was mini­mal and did not dama­ged our spi­rit for free expres­sion. We used such new­spa­pers as toilet paper, which was always in short sup­ply or to make joints of tobac­co to smo­ke in the scho­ol lavatory.

In you Edi­to­rial Pled­ge you are apo­lo­gi­zing for a varie­ty sins your orga­ni­za­tion as a Edi­to­rial Offi­ce of Colum­bus Dispatch com­mit­ted and you ela­bo­ra­te on how you plan to address and cor­rect them. You also imply that all the whi­te readers are cur­sed with ende­mic racism when making sta­ti­sti­cal com­pa­ri­son betwe­en num­ber of readers and num­ber of staf­fers in dif­fe­rent racial cate­go­ries which you also acco­unt women as a sepa­ra­te race.

To my sur­pri­se you are mis­sing one impor­tant gro­up cal­led LGBTQ+. Why you do It? They dese­rve to be also coun­ted as sepa­ra­te races and sho­uld not be hid­den under one name, but sepa­ra­te­ly as L,G,B,T,Q.+.

I may ask you how many (+) people you have in your edi­to­rial staff?

In all this Orwel­lian gob­ble goop abo­ut social justi­ce, diver­si­ty, equ­ali­ty, sys­te­mic racism, trans­pa­ren­cy of your inten­tion you for­got one ele­ment which makes any work meaning­ful, be it jour­na­lism, engi­ne­ering, far­ming, or brick lay­ing. It is QUALITY!!! Now we are living in the time of Pan­de­mic of Covid-19 which final­ly sorts the gra­in from the chaff. If you or your fami­ly gets infec­ted from Coro­na Virus and your life is at sta­ke, would you pre­fer the best doctor, nur­se or ane­sthe­sio­lo­gist attend to your health? Or would you ask hospi­tal to fol­low the racial pro­por­tio­nal guidance?

Will you also con­si­der drop­ping the name of Colum­bus from title of “Colum­bus Dispatch” which implies that you favor sla­ve tra­der, Chri­sto­pher Columbus?

Our city. Colum­bus, Ohio major alre­ady got rid of 3 monu­ments of Chri­sto­pher Colum­bus. You sho­uld fol­low the pro­gres­si­ve lead. Do not beha­ve as a laggard.

With best wishes for your reform,
Jan Cze­ka­jew­ski, Ph.D.Columbus, Ohio,,