If the last few years have tau­ght us any­thing, it’s just how impor­tant it is for Cana­dians to have access to news they can trust. It’s not only abo­ut stay­ing infor­med; it’s abo­ut being able to join in on pres­sing conver­sa­tions and advo­ca­te for what you belie­ve in. Here’s how Cana­dian news media fuel the­se meaning­ful conver­sa­tions from coast to coast to coast:

1. Keeping Cana­dians Informed

Cana­dians still look to the­ir local new­spa­pers to deli­ver vital infor­ma­tion they can rely on and trust each and eve­ry day. In fact, stu­dies show that nine in 10 Cana­dians read new­spa­pers each week across Canada—either in print or digi­tal for­mat. The essen­tial servi­ce the news media indu­stry pro­vi­des makes it possi­ble for readers like you to gather know­led­ge, think cri­ti­cal­ly, and form your own opi­nions. New­spa­pers give us all the tools we need to stay infor­med and discuss issu­es impor­tant to our communities.

2. Com­bat­ting News Deserts

‘News deserts’ are com­mu­ni­ties that lack a daily or weekly new­spa­per, so people are for­ced to turn to other, less cre­di­ble sour­ces for infor­ma­tion. Local new­spa­pers are cru­cial in com­bat­ting news deserts across the coun­try. With the help of dedi­ca­ted local repor­ters, news media outlets work hard to pro­vi­de the­se com­mu­ni­ties with ori­gi­nal, local and fac­tu­al con­tent. The­se new­spa­pers pro­vi­de a voice for com­mu­ni­ties that are often over­lo­oked and give them a pla­ce to gather accu­ra­te infor­ma­tion that can­not be found any­whe­re else, let alo­ne on social media.

3. Fact-Based Reporting

In the gol­den age of disin­for­ma­tion and dre­aded ‘fake news,’ access to cre­di­ble infor­ma­tion is more impor­tant than ever. Accor­ding to a 2019 inter­na­tio­nal public opi­nion poll con­duc­ted by Ipsos Public Affa­irs, a whop­ping nine in 10 Cana­dians say they have fal­len for fake news. By pro­vi­ding access to diver­se and relia­ble sour­ces of infor­ma­tion, new­spa­pers give Cana­dians access to infor­ma­tion they can feel con­fi­dent sha­ring with fami­ly and friends, as well as the tools they need to form opi­nions and enga­ge in meaning­ful conversations.

4. Pre­se­rving Cana­dian Democracy

Whi­le the inter­net and social media have cer­ta­in­ly made com­mu­ni­ca­ting and sha­ring infor­ma­tion easier, it also means that, unfor­tu­na­te­ly, almost any­one can say almost any­thing, whe­ther it’s true or fal­se. With Cana­dians con­su­ming more con­tent than ever befo­re, access to cre­di­ble news sour­ces is incre­asin­gly vital to our demo­cra­cy. New­spa­pers have always play­ed a cri­ti­cal role in uphol­ding Cana­dian demo­cra­cy, infor­ming citi­zens, and hel­ping to hold govern­ments and leaders acco­un­ta­ble. Honest and accu­ra­te jour­na­lism has an over­whel­min­gly posi­ti­ve effect on civic enga­ge­ment by cre­ating spa­ce for Cana­dians to par­ti­ci­pa­te in meaning­ful conver­sa­tions and pro­vi­ding the tools needed to make infor­med decisions.

New­spa­pers keep readers infor­med, inspi­red, and con­nec­ted. They give us the infor­ma­tion we need to par­ti­ci­pa­te in impor­tant conver­sa­tions with our com­mu­ni­ties as we work towards a stron­ger future.

That is why each year, readers are invi­ted to cele­bra­te Natio­nal New­spa­per Week—an ode to the work of Cana­dian jour­na­li­sts to main­ta­in a heal­thy demo­cra­cy. This year Natio­nal New­spa­per Week runs from Octo­ber 3 to Octo­ber 9, 2021, and to pay tri­bu­te to the indu­stry, Cana­dian artist Ola Volo part­ne­red with News Media Cana­da to cre­ate a limi­ted-edi­tion, signed print titled “Cham­pions”. This custom artwork empo­wers Cana­dians to spark meaning­ful conver­sa­tions abo­ut the cri­ti­cal impor­tan­ce of inde­pen­dent local journalism.

To learn more abo­ut Natio­nal New­spa­per Week and pur­cha­se an item from this year’s Cham­pion The Truth col­lec­tion, visit nationalnewspaperweek.ca.

Why We Cele­bra­te Natio­nal New­spa­per Week

Natio­nal New­spa­per Week is an annu­al oppor­tu­ni­ty to reco­gni­ze the cri­ti­cal role that new­spa­pers play in an acti­ve and heal­thy demo­cra­cy and is cele­bra­ted in North Ame­ri­ca star­ting on the first Sun­day in Octo­ber. Local new­spa­pers deli­ver vital infor­ma­tion to Cana­dians eve­ry day, con­nec­ting local com­mu­ni­ties across the coun­try and keeping citi­zens infor­med, enga­ged, and connected.