Poniżej artykuł  jest o tym jak premier Ford swoim  zachowaniem  i dyrektywami   faszystowskimi  niszczy Ontario tak samo jak Trudeau niszczy Kanadę. Szpitalny personel, w którym pracuję nienawidzi go inne szpitale także.

Pan Ford będzie musiał pić dużo nerwosolu chyba, że zamieni się w ‘robota’ albo zrezygnuje. Ja codziennie skarżę na niego do MPP office chociaż to nic nie daje, ale ja skarżę.

Kto nie upomina się o prawa straci wszystko i to najważniejsze “wolność” i będzie deptany aż zwarjuje do reszty i co mu wtedy pozostanie? Yoga? Pozytywne myślenie? Na pewno nic z tych rzeczy. Trzeba stawiać opór póki “krew krąży sprawnie” i nie odwlekać na później  i nie patrzeć na innych, porównywać, ważyć za przeciw. Trzeba myśleć, czuć sercem i patrzeć w serce, nie umysł, bo jest zwodniczy.


        If you want to evaluate Premier Ford’s actions and failures, look at what he has done the past 5 months. He failed to provide proper screening at airports when covid started , He failed to audit quality of care in nursing homes prior to covid only to pay a big salary to managers causing massive burn out of front line workers and exodus of them. and therefore horrific situation in that facilities To improve his image  premier Ford promised pandemic pay to some health care workers causing resentment burn out and loss of solidarity in hospitals among health care workers. Also he attacked Catholics by forbidding  them to attend church. When asked why he released pedophiles in Hamilton he ignores the question. At present he leads investigations about long term care quality of care which he caused himself. Furthermore, another of  his conservative gets fired because she does not agree with his fascistic ways of leading politics. Ombudsman is useless also as it is aligned with Mr Ford politics and just cares about his office seat  and totally misunderstands his responsibilities as ombudsman. I already contacted that ombudsman on  few issues of discrimination and got slap in the face. There are more ‘ geniuses’ ‘ like mayors of Hamilton and Toronto  Tory who failed to provide safety for its residents. Another huge ‘”genius is all this public health cartel who change the tune every month mask on mask off “ and does not address  other infections like tuberculosis STD and other pathologies  in the community which are more tragic than some ‘ cold virus”, What a team of failures. I forgot about the MP and MPP office. Their famous saying is’ ‘unfortunately” we cannot help  and pass the heavy  stuff for them to handle   to other useless politicians. Hopefully there is a movement called Gesara which will abolish all this government nonsense and their ignorant politicians. Those politicians are reversed Robin Hood helpers they cater to reach and ignore the poor

Wiesława Derlatka