Here are a few pho­tos taken at the Oct 4, 2020 Life Cha­in mani­fe­sta­tion near St Maxi­mil­lian Kol­be Church in Mis­sis­sau­ga . 145 pari­shio­ners sho­wed up in spi­te of the rain, to display the­ir soli­da­ri­ty with tens of tho­usands of others across Cana­da who annu­al­ly on this day, pro­mo­te the sanc­ti­ty of life and the­ir peace­ful oppo­si­tion to the abor­tion holo­caust that con­ti­nu­es in our socie­ty. Ple­ase feal free to publish this infor­ma­tion as you see fit

Szczęść Boże,

Al Zawadz­ki