I am forwarding a copy of the letter that I forwarded to the Premier’s office. I don’t know if anyone reads those e‑mail and this is why I am also reaching out to you. Feel free to forward this to anyone you see fit. I am near tears and in desperation as a mother of four whose children are fading away despite my husband’s and my efforts to demonstrate any hope for the future. I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall but I have to try for them.

“…I live in Mis­sis­sau­ga and we’ve tech­ni­cal­ly been in lock­down sin­ce March of 2019. I under­stand 2–6 weeks, even 3 mon­ths but we’re tal­king over a year of child iso­la­tion, depri­va­tion and tor­ment. The­se chil­dren and espe­cial­ly teena­gers see nothing but com­pu­ter scre­ens all day long. It is affec­ting them phy­si­cal­ly, psy­cho­lo­gi­cal­ly and emo­tio­nal­ly. They are being tor­tu­red in all of the­se three are­as. They­’ve been strip­ped of any joy, social con­nec­tion or dre­ams for the futu­re. And today it bru­tal­ly daw­ned on me that during this third wave they are being tre­ated wor­se than dogs.

1) Dogs have the­ir dog parks whe­re they get to exer­ci­se and socia­li­ze. And altho­ugh chil­dren ‘gra­cio­usly’ got the­ir play­gro­unds back, teena­gers have no basket­ball courts, no base­ball dia­monds, no soc­cer fields, no vol­ley­ball fields, no hoc­key rinks, nothing! Long gone are scho­ol team sports, music bands and dra­ma clubs.

2) Dogs are able to see the­ir vet in per­son. You pay doctors to sit at home and tre­at patients over the pho­ne witho­ut phy­si­cal examination.

3) And this one hit me bru­tal­ly. I went to Dol­la­ra­ma today whe­re you can buy toys for dogs but you can’t buy toys for chil­dren. What kind of madho­use are we run­ning here?

People, I appe­al to your con­scien­ce and sen­ses! Do under­stand that you are play­ing with people­’s lives eve­ry time you make the­se non­sen­si­cal deci­sions. I can’t buy a hat for my one year old. I can’t buy sho­es for my nine year old. I can’t buy under­we­ar for my teena­gers but I can buy booze and weed and chips. Oh yeah! What a bri­ght futu­re we all have in front of us.

Sha­me! The day we tell our chil­dren that books are non-essen­tial, that scho­ols can be clo­sed, that teachers are afra­id to teach them in fear of con­ta­mi­na­tion, that the­ir smi­les and faces are not impor­tant, that they can sit in pla­stic cages as long as they­’re safe and that the only way of inte­rac­ting with the world is thro­ugh a scre­en, God help us.

And stop the lies. You say that you care abo­ut them and then you let them down. You said you would­n’t clo­se scho­ols and then you did. You said that they would have a sum­mer and then you can­cel­led camps and camp­gro­unds. You said you care abo­ut the­ir men­tal health and then you put them in vir­tu­al pri­sons! They belie­ve you. They have hopes. They are naive and inno­cent and this will trau­ma­ti­ze them for life. Why do the young have to slow­ly die so the elder­ly can live? The­se kids will grow up and they will survi­ve but they will not forget. ..”


Mother from Mississauga