Today is the 77th anni­ver­sa­ry of the Nor­man­dy Landings…

Dear Friends.

Today is the 77th anni­ver­sa­ry of the Nor­man­dy Landings.Let us remem­ber all tho­se hero­es who endu­red extre­me hard­ships and some paid the ulti­ma­te sacri­fi­ce so we can be free.”All gave some
some gave all” I’m hono­ured to sha­re some pho­tos with You from my visit to Juno Beach in 2019.
The ceme­te­ry was very moving and sad expe­rien­ce. Let us respect the­ir sacri­fi­ce and not for­get the­se hero­es. H Niepalla.

P.s Some of the sons of Polish immi­grants joined direc­tly the Cana­dian army some died in action at Juno Beach.and other bat­tle­fields Others joined the Polish for­ces tra­ined in Owen Sound and also fought with in Europe.Like the Polish sol­dier at our ‘‘Polish Sol­dier Tree” the Ame­ri­can sol­diers befo­re D‑Day lan­dings carved the­ir names on a brick wall in Southamp­ton known as the Ame­ri­can Wall but unli­ke the Polish sol­dier who carved the “Jesz­cze Pol­ska nie zgi­nę­ła” on the tree, the­ir names were iden­ti­fied and the­ir servi­ce record is known .



Nade­słał Hen­ryk Niepalla