Letter from a prior American resident. See if you can relate to his perception of the changing USA reality.

Three years ago, we decided to return to Poland, Because of the strong bond with our country and the lack of reason to continue wandering in foreign lands.

When I left Poland, it was the early 1980s, a period marked by martial law. The world looked very different back then, both in Europe and North America.I was a different person then – young, inexperienced, full of ideals.

As we mature and age, we increasingly find that there is no place better than our homeland, the place of our birth. This feeling was real for us, and interestingly, my daughter feels much more comfortable here in Poland than in California.

I vividly remember the constant fear of danger and the lack of time to rest. Working overtime was considered a privilege in this country, and two weeks’ leave was considered significant.

The poster for the new Netflix series “The Witcher: Awakening,” which I recently saw at a bus stop in Warsaw, effectively captures the current state of affairs in America.

Through management courses, I learned that a team consisting of people brought up in different cultures and environments is more susceptible to manipulation and lacks trust.

Such a team is less likely to rebel against management and demand more.

I had the opportunity to work together with Japanese and Vietnamese colleagues for a long time, and it was extremely difficult to make friends with them. At one point in time, I also lived in a place where most of my roommates were from South Korea.

I remember a couple who avoided any kind of contact. There were never any greetings or smiles; most often they looked away. At my last job, most of my colleagues were from Mexico, and their interests were always a priority.

While acceptance of favoritism may be based on their ethnicity, If a white employee acted similarly, it would be considered discrimination or racist behavior. People were afraid of each other, and fighting to advance in the company’s hierarchy was inevitable.

It is worth remembering that losing a job in the United States often means losing the qualifications you have earned. Such as longer holidays, sick days or higher hourly rates.

Less skilled workers often start over by changing employers. Meanwhile, those working on a contract basis or in a research sector such as education may fare better and avoid losing everything.

The United States achieved its greatness through the hard work of people who arrived without feeling rejected. However, with the introduction of “political correctness”, this ideology is gradually losing its importance.

Promotion should result from your own efforts and not be influenced by decisions imposed by the authorities. For a long time, America prospered on the principle that the strong and the wise would succeed. However, the current landscape is changing as weaker groups gain advantages, Which ultimately weakens the motivation to strive for progress.

This decline in competitiveness hinders the path to development and hampers overall progress. The basic principle of self-reliance – taking care of yourself – has been the foundation of America’s strength in the past.

In Los Angeles, California, you may notice a common sight: many houses and cars decorated with Mexican flags. The interesting thing is that the people who fly these flags have no desire to live in Mexico.

They still celebrate Cinco de Mayo, despite its little recognition in Mexico itself. Additionally, English signs are difficult to find in several neighborhoods as Spanish has become the dominant American language of regions.

Working at night and returning home at 4:00 a.m. seems like navigating a never-ending nightmare. The streets are filled with dilapidated trailers and campers, close to the sidewalks,

Their broken windows and rusty bodies are covered with dust and dirt.

Garbage and waste accumulates around them, while some lucky people have the lights on inside, continuing with their lives. These lucky ones compete for the best spots with tents and cardboard shacks, leaving the weaker ones to cower in corners, sleeping on sidewalks, taking drugs.

This general American degradation slowly spreads like mold, permeating even wealthy neighborhoods. Eroding what was once a thriving middle class environment.

It is a carcinogenic force, leaving little hope for improvement, promising rather more decay and destruction. The situation is deeply depressing.

I remember a black African-American woman sitting at a bus stop in Los Angeles. She never moved, it seemed like she was always there. I wondered how and where she ate, she was often covered with blankets, sometimes she rocked.

I drove past it every day for three months on my way to and from work. Streams of urine and piles of feces were visible under the bench, but people waiting for the bus kept their distance and were unfazed. It was often such a common sight.

Then one day it disappeared, replaced only by city workers with a truck and a tanker that decisively sprayed the area with water. The next day, as if nothing had happened. This is what you do in the city of lost souls.

Sometimes when you are stopped at a red light, the window cleaner may try to improve the appearance of your car with a dirty sponge, And a juggler may perform in the middle of the street, often dropping his tools – balls and bent sticks – all around him.

On every corner there is a cart offering home-cooked Mexican food with questionable ingredients and unknown meat sources. It is cheap, but consuming it may pose a risk to your health. Despite this, customers stand in queues, are in a hurry and look for savings. No inspections or certificates are needed.

A Latina woman with three dirty children stands near the highway, selling bags full of bananas, oranges and nuts to drivers passing her place. Her facial features make her look like an Indian from the Mayan or Aztec tribe. These people most often flee to America. They often don’t speak Spanish well and can’t count. The little girl can’t be more than seven years old, the boys seem a bit older than her.

Having worked here for over 16 years, I have never experienced such difficult conditions.

It’s surreal and was incredibly depressing. This is the Fashion District in Los Angeles.

I felt frustrated when I couldn’t get promoted at work due to favoritism. I was a minority at work. One of the few white people.

Additionally, it was disappointing for me when my concerns about broadcasting 24/7 Spanish-language television in the cafeteria were met with a call to HR and accusations of racism.

As a result, I decided to return to Poland with my family and I have no intention of returning there to the USA again.

Returning to Poland brought me many new opportunities and a deep sense of belonging.

This is my home country, and coming back here really fills me.

It is truly sad to witness American big cities, how these leaderships spend billions on wars while neglecting urgent issues at home. The growing security situation is alarming, making people afraid to go out even for basic activities such as shopping during the day due to the incidence of everyday robberies and burglaries.

The increase in mass shootings is extremely disturbing, occurring multiple times a day, and the homelessness crisis is manifesting itself all over with people sleeping in their cars near their workplaces.

In addition to this, it is frustrating to constantly hear comments about white supremacy and wealth. Illegally obtained money, despite the hard work I put in, often working long hours and sacrificing personal time.

This situation is a powerful reminder of how misguided government priorities and societal challenges impact the lives of hardworking individuals like me.

While some states like Idaho, Utah, Montana and Arizona may be better, the entire west coast appears to be in a state of decay.

This is a depressing testimony to the worsening situation, and I don’t understand why this happened and why it continues to affect the country and now they are doing it in Western Europe too.

The current leadership appears to be failing the nation, and that is extremely disappointing. This situation made me change my plans to live there permanently, because every time we returned from a foreign holiday, we were greeted with the unpleasant reality of the state of affairs. As a result, our daughter also decided not to return to this environment, and we decided to stay where we are now.

I have no desire to go back there again. American has changed. Today it is a burning pile that may explode at any moment.

I wonder why Europe has functioned efficiently for so many years, most jobs there are unionized. Perhaps that is why some speculate that the US wants to disrupt the quality of life here and exert its oppressive influence, ultimately leading to our destruction.

Unlike the US, one important aspect I forgot to mention is that here we all have health insurance from the government. This means that even if someone stops working, their health insurance does not stop. In our system, everyone has full insurance, providing support for people in need of medical help. What a feeling it is to be safe.