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Soli­da­ri­ty Trans­port Hub, a Polish govern­ment com­pa­ny, anno­un­ced a fra­me­work pro­ce­du­re for the Con­tract Engineer’s servi­ces regar­ding the coun­try­’s lar­gest ever rail inve­st­ment pro­gram­me. The esti­ma­ted value of design works is ca. EUR 577 mil­lion net. This is the lar­gest fra­me­work agre­ement for con­tract engi­ne­er servi­ces in Poland to date.

The aim of the ten­der is to select up to 20 con­trac­tors who will pro­vi­de Con­tract Engi­ne­er servi­ces under a fra­me­work agre­ement. Any com­pa­ny that signs it will be able to apply for indi­vi­du­al par­tial tasks.


We invi­te infra­struc­tu­re com­pa­nies from all over the world to work with us. For more infor­ma­tion on the ten­der and the STH inve­st­ment, ple­ase see the press rele­ase atta­ched to this mes­sa­ge, read our websi­te news and watch the pro­mo­tio­nal movie. Sho­uld you have any questions, feel free to con­tact us via mail:



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