War­sza­wa, 31 grud­nia 2020 r.

        Hi, I wri­te this let­ter accor­ding to com­ments made by Woj­ciech Wil­kow­ski in weekly  “Goniec” (March 18 – 24 ’21). Mr. Wil­kow­ski you wri­te: “I do not like to read or hear abo­ut Jewish people being bla­med for com­mu­nism or other pro­blems in Poland”.

        I do not agree with you. First of all, you wri­te gene­ral­ly abo­ut “Jewish people being bla­med for (…)

Would you like to answer for a few of my questions, please:

- Who was a foun­der of com­mu­nist ideology?

- Who were mem­bers of majo­ri­ty of Bolshevik’s com­mu­nist par­ty in Soviet Russia?

- Who were main­ly a head of “Public Secu­ri­ty Offi­ce” in Poland during Stalin’s era?

        Now, I answer your question: “What does the Jewish reli­gion have to do with com­mu­nism and pro­blems in Poland?” I think, none of reli­gions have to do with sub­jects men­tio­ned by you. But, which of five Jewish reli­gions do you mean?

        Pro­blem is not all, but some Jews with the­ir atti­tu­de aga­inst Polish people during very dif­fi­cult times for Poland in Polish histo­ry, eg: Rus­sian inva­sion east part of Polish ter­ri­to­ries in Sept. 1939, and role which some Jews play during Rus­sian occu­pa­tion, and ear­lier when Poland was under par­ti­tion by its three neigh­bo­urs – Rus­sia, Prus­sia and Austria.

        Than, the last of your objec­tion: “(…) inc­lu­ded some scre­en­shots of artic­les”. (in weekly “Goniec” on websi­de). “Żydow­ska Anti­fa czy­li hake­rzy z Izra­ela” and so on… It’s taken out of con­text. It’s your demagogy!

        At the end I’d like to wish you, good luck “to be mar­ried to a Jewish woman and have Jewish chil­dren and to rise them accor­ding to the Jewish faith”. I also wish you Mr. Wil­kow­ski all the best! Shalom!


Vadim Lakov

(I’m descen­dant of polo­ni­zed Jews).


I would like to recom­mend you some Polish authors:  prof. Feliks Konecz­ny – “Cywi­li­za­cja żydow­ska”, “O wie­lo­ści cywi­li­za­cyj”. Teo­dor Jeske-Cho­in­ski – one of his 38 books accor­ding to rela­tion­ship betwe­en Poles and Jews. And also I recom­mend you Jewish movie “The Believer”.