My name is Hongku and I am a Casting Associate with Forte Entertainment. We are currently casting for a New TV series, “How I Got Here”.

‘HOW I GOT HERE’ is a brand new TV series, where Canadian or American born 14-30 year olds will embark on an adventure of a lifetime as they travel with their Parent (or Grandparent) back to their country of origin. Our goal is to celebrate each participating parent and child’s unique cultural heritage and ensure diverse representation throughout the series. We are seeking second-generation teens/young adults and their parent (or grandparent) to embark on this adventure of a lifetime!

I’m reaching out to you to see if there was any way to share our casting with those within the Canadian-Polish Congress British Columbia to see if anyone is interested in applying? Attached is our casting flyer that is best to circulate and there is more information below.

For more information and how to APPLY NOW go to: is a link to our Facebook Live Q&A Session regards to our show, please check it out if you want to hear more info!:

Deadline to apply is December 1, 2020, 11:59pm, EST. Applications are reviewed immediately upon receipt. We recommend that those interested apply sooner rather than late