Cal­ling all Fre­edom-Friends! Any­one who was in Otta­wa for the Convoy: we’re gathe­ring testi­mo­nies to be for­mat­ted into affi­da­vits which will be gathe­red into an inci­dent report and sent to the Spe­cial Joint Com­mit­tee tha­t’s looking into the ille­gal dec­la­ra­tion of the Emer­gen­cies Act.

If you can help by wri­ting your sta­te­ment abo­ut your expe­rien­ce with poli­ce vio­len­ce, or if you had your bank acco­unt fro­zen, if you per­so­nal­ly have video foota­ge, or that lanes were open, etc, ple­ase send it to
All forms of media must be your own, as the­se are legal docu­ments and you’ll need to sign sta­ting that it’s yours.
Ple­ase pass this infor­ma­tion on to any­one else that you know who was there.

Any questions, ple­ase con­tact Jane, or Rebec­ca from Stand4Thee, or myself.

#Trudeau4Treason #hold­the­go­vern­men­tac­co­un­ta­ble